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No single invention has propelled humanity as has the spoken word. It is at the heart of our families, businesses and human connections. It stands to inspire, inform and innovate. Respect and admiration for the power of this spoken word are at Tarjama’s core. We seek to converge the planes of thought and language to perfect the act of written expression.

Our Services


Here at Tarjama, we make sure that your voice is heard wherever you are in the world. Our translation services, especially in niche fields, are what we do best.

Editing and Proofreading

To ensure any text measures up to its promise, Tarjama offers another quality driven service for those who simply need an extra eye on their written work.

Copy/Creative Writing

Determined to replace copywriting with a unique and creative writing style, Tarjama designs a new base for writers to embrace their genius and create written texts worth reading.


Tarjama provides highly accurate transcriptions for interviews, commentaries and any other audio form. Our team of technical writers is able to transcribe, translate, edit and formalize your audio materials with total precision.


Tarjama can dig deeper into your product and customize it at a local level. Through this process, we aim to reach out to your customers around the globe and tell them that your particular brand is creating a new platform to connect with them.


The adaptation of media refuses to be limited only to the translation of written works. It aims to create a nuanced narrative that delivers sharp messages with a tweak of intelligence and character.


There are flows of idioms in every language, slang words that have meaning and certain gestures that resonate in every culture. To pass on a meaning from one language to another is not easy to accommodate.


Right after Tarjama has given you the flow of words you were looking for; you still think you need more. Tarjama agrees with you. We know that in order for your brand to target the brain through its words, we need to seduce the eye first.

Our Clients

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Our Team

To maintain excellence, Tarjama seeks the finest group of translators, editors and interpreters from around the Middle East. We believe that because our clients deserve a world-class service, we hire a team that can deliver one. Tarjama now employs over 40 translation specialists and linguists across the region. We recruit only highly educated translators who are selected through a rigorous screening process, after which they are trained and licensed in translation software. This careful process guarantees the linguistic quality of your written works.

  • Nour Al Hassan

    Chief Executive Officer

    Nour M. Al-Hassan is an accomplished businesswoman, woman’s advocate and the Co-Founder and CEO of Tarjama, a leading translation and ‘wordsmith’ agency based in the MENA region. The company’s roots formed in 2007, when Nour launched Dew, a translation agency in Jordan before...

  • Zaid Abul Fealat

    Chief Operating Officer

    Zaid occupies the position of Tarjama's Chief Operating Officer, a position he actively embraces everyday. Responsible for improving the operational systems, managing and increasing the effectiveness of the HR, IT and Finance teams’ functions as well as playing a significant...

  • Tala Nasereddin

    Business Development Manager

    As the Business Development Manager for Tarjama, Tala is at the forefront of one of the Middle East’s most prominent translation agencies. Based in Dubai the Jordanian-born businesswoman knows the importance of the spoken word and how to break down communication barriers,...

  • Anas Nawahda

    Operations Team Leader

    With over six years of experience in the linguistics industry, Anas is well positioned to trail blaze within his current role as Tarjama's Operations Team Leader. Professional and diplomatic Anas is a natural leader, using his past on-the-job training as a pivot point for...


  • Right at the heart of Dubai, Dubai Tourism creates the opportunity for the world to discover the Emirate’s warm hospitality and rich offerings. To be able to reach out to the world, our documents must be translated in a very intriguing and captivating manner. That is when we seek Tarjama’s help. Warm thanks to their instantaneous support and excellent service.

    Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

  • As clients of Tarjama for the past three years, we’re happy to recommend the agency and the quality of their English and Arabic translation.

    Tawfiq Adnan, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

  • Arabic is at the heart of everything we do. Tarjama not only shares our passion for languages, but also our dedication to crafting quality content that both reflects and reaches our clients in the Middle East and beyond.



We are headquartered in Abu Dhabi’s vibrant media zone, twofour54. You can contact us by email or telephone using the contact details below.

Please also see the map on this page for directions to our office.


UAE – Abu Dhabi – Twofour54 – Media Zone Authority
Eastern Ring Road
Salam Street
Building No. 5, Office 205

Tel: 02 401 2915

Fax: 02 401 1915

P.O. Box 77784    

KSA Office:

7082 Bay La Sun-Juman St. Unit No. 1, King Abdullah Economic City, 23964-2522, KSA

Jordan Office:

Al Samah Complex - Al Madina Al Munawwara Street – Amman – Jordan

E-mail: info@tarjama.ae

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